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Turn-based classic role-playing game for PC users

Disciples 2 Gold is the next chapter within the famed Disciples franchise of role-playing games- Set far into the future, the player will have to make strategic decisions and control vast armies in order to gain an upper hand within the magical realm of Sacred Lands. This game can be played by a single character while there is a multiplayer option available.

Gameplay and Plot

Disciples 2 Gold offers the player an incredible 38 different avatars to choose from. Each is associated with its own strengths and weaknesses, so a good deal of strategy is involved. Four separate races are battling for supremacy within this realm and each campaign is intended to bring the player closer to victory or defeat. Another unique aspect of this game is that it falls under the turn-based strategy genre. Players will take turns controlling different characters and the actions of one will inevitably affect the responses of the other.

Other Interesting Features

Fans of the classic version will be pleased to learn that the original game as well as three expansion packs are all included within this release of Disciples 2 Gold. Haunting music, an amazing ambiance and truly interesting characters are now all within reach of the skilled player.


  • An inclusion of the original series will provide additional hours of enjoyment
  • It can be very difficult to master Disciples 2 Gold


  • A size of 17 megabytes may be too hefty for some operating systems
  • As it was released in 2005 the graphics are a bit dated

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Disciples 2 Gold


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